Bypassing Chrome Password Protected

Today in the evening, I'll find out to protect my browser from guest anyone who want to use my browser.

Until I've found an extension in chrome that called Set password for your browser ( chrome lock )

Interestingly, everytime I try to open my chrome browser it will show simple input dialog after I setup my password.

(I found a little bugs, when the extension asks for a password and I close that dialog bog.
 The browser will be close and relaunch again, I can't login to my browser!)

That's why I created this topic.

For full video tutorial


Let's get started to hack our browser.

  1.  Process Hacker - The most powerful tools for process management.
  2. Goole Chrome with extension Set password for your browser ( chrome lock )
First, you need to install extension and setup your own password

Second, after setup succeed the browser will be restarted.

Third, Let's open our tools the Process Hacker and open our chrome.

Fourth,  Our chrome will ask your password as same as this dialog, and if you type incorrect password the browser will be closed.

Fifth, search in Process Hacker with 'chrome' and you'll get this list.

Sixth, search in Process Hacker with 'chrome' and you'll get this list.

Seventh, select parent of process (at this time parent of processes is PID 7054 or process that on top of the list).
Right click at parent process and goto --> 'Miscellaneous' --> 'Windows'

Eighth, Surprisingly, you'll see the dialog and got this.

Let's right click at this and click 'Visible' and BOOM!

The password input dialog will be hided and our chrome still running normally.